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The Twisted Olive™

5430 Massillon Rd.
Green, Ohio 44720


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Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday :: 11am - 9pm kitchen, bar till 10pm or slow

Friday - Saturday :: 11am - 10pm kitchen, bar till 11pm or slow

Sunday :: Closed


5430 Massillon Rd.
North Canton, Ohio 44720

(330) 899-0550

The Twisted Olive provides a modern, vibrant dining experience in the City of Green. Nestled in a beautiful park setting with plentiful indoor and outdoor seating, this modern restaurant estate overlooks beautiful landscapes and water features. The casual menu includes classic Italian American fare perfect for family and business luncheons and dinners.


Loyalty Reward Terms

Loyalty Rewards Terms and Conditions

The GV Loyalty Program is a promotional program that can be used at both the Twisted Olive and Gervasi Vineyard. Benefits and rewards offered by the Twisted Olive Loyalty Program are in conjunction with full compliance of Twisted Olive Loyalty Terms and Conditions.

Use of any of the benefits constitutes your agreement to rules, regulations and applicable laws. Loyalty Rewards Points cannot be redeemed for alcohol, tax, gratuity, gift card purchases, Villa Stays, facility rental fees, any private event (Twisted Olive, Bistro, Pavilion, Villa Grande, or Crush House Events), vineyard dinners, Twisted Olive or Gervasi Vineyard Special Events, any ticketed event including Cucina classes, and promotions property wide are excluded.

Only food and merchandise purchased in The Twisted Olive, Bistro, Crush House or Marketplace (non-event related) are included. Gervasi Vineyard may at any time choose to modify or adapt these rules. Changes can affect the value of rewards, points accumulated and the availability of certain rewards. All changes will be posted on our website Your participation in the program constitutes consent to changes or modifications.

Membership Criteria

Membership begins with the request of a GV Loyalty Card from any of Gervasi Vineyard's participating outlets (Bistro, Piazza, Marketplace, Crush House or Twisted Olive). Members must register online to activate The Twisted Olive Loyalty Card at Upon registry GV will add a $5 reward to your card. Points will be calculated on a calendar year beginning June 1, 2013.

Members will accumulate 1 point for every dollar spent for qualified purchases.


Only Loyalty members paying the bill may accumulate points. Loyalty points have no cash value and are not assignable, divisible or able to be combined with any other Loyalty Member's Membership.

Any attempt to violate or be noncompliant to GV Loyalty Rewards Program Terms and Conditions will constitute cancellation of membership and forfeiture of all accumulated points or rewards.

The GV Loyalty Rewards Program is not responsible or liable for fraud or unauthorized use caused by lost or stolen cards. Rewards or points will not be replaced.

Members may check their points or rewards balance at

All Gervasi Vineyard and Twisted Olive employees are ineligible for the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Unredeemed points will expire one year from time of issue. Inactivity of 2 years constitues program cancellation and forfeiture of rewards and points. Accumulated points are not member property and may be removed, cancelled, limited or adjusted at any time, even though such action may affect member's right to use accumulated points. Gervasi Vineyard has the right to close an account or de-activate member status for the following circumstances:

  • Inactivity on card for two year period

  • Points expire one year from date of issue

  • Unsubscribing to The Twisted Olive E-Newsletter

  • Fraudulent activity with this program or any other transaction associated with Gervasi Vineyard participating outlets

  • Member request to close account

  • Rewards or points are traded, bartered or sold

  • Member does not respond to repeated communication attempts regarding account status

The GV Loyalty Rewards Program may have changes and point adjustments over time. To receive notice of these changes you must keep your member profile updated. If you change your contact information it is your obligation to notify the GV Loyalty Reward Program.

Membership Audits and Requests

Direct any Membership request to:

Or mail requests to:
GV Loyalty Reward Program
1700 55th Street NE
Canton, OH 44721

GV Destinations may at any time audit a member's account to ensure compliance with the program. In the event GV Destination's audit discovers concerns, violations or discrepancies we may suspend the use of accumulated rewards. During the audit the member may still accumulate rewards, but no redemptions or transactions will be permitted.